Tiny House and ‘Normal House’ Living – Pros and Cons (May Contain Llamas)

Your potential new lawn mower.

Your potential new lawn mower.

There’s a lot to be said about living in a ‘real house’. As I’ve mentioned before, the divine presence of an automatic washing machine is number one in my book. Here are some other great things about it: Continue reading


Tiny House Living – And How I Went Mad in the First Place.

My humble lil' abode - the innards.

My humble lil’ abode – the innards.

Life has its way of having a good chuckle at your expense, does it not? Way back in the child rearing years of my life, my partner at the time and I took to the road in a 1948 Leyland bus, which had a couple of lofts on the roof just big enough to swing a mouse in. So off we set with three kids, two dogs and a parrot, and did a few rounds of the North Island of our lovely country, New Zealand. A grand and interesting life it was too, with many a character-forming challenge along the way.

Things I learned while living on the road: Continue reading