Goldirocks and the Three Wild Pigs – it’s Out!!

It’s official! It’s out! And it’s available online!!!

A few months ago we helped a Kiwi friend of ours record a CD of  New Zealand Music for Kids that she had written. We all had heaps of fun creating it. Picture four Kiwi adults and a cello in a hatchback car, buzzing around Auckland (New Zealand), getting lost while trying to find the recording studio, then playing the ukulele really really fast and talking and snorting like wild pigs. We had a blast, and much to our delight it’s now available to the general public. Check it out – there are all sorts of music styles on it, and it’s the kind of music that adults can actually enjoy when the kids keep thrashing it.

We featured in ‘Goldirocks and the Three Wild Pigs’, a Bluesy modern version of the old story that explains why crime doesn’t pay, plus I played ukulele here and there and also did some background vocals, on a few of the other songs. That’s us on the cover. We’re rather pleased with our hairstyles…

Big congratulations to Jodi, the album’s author. From conception, this album has been fifteen years in the making. You done good girl!!

Check it out HERE

That’s us – Mama and Papa Pig!

That’s us – Mama and Papa Pig!