The Random Acts of Kindness and Pass it Forward Page

A villager gives thanks for something he just received from a random stranger. Bharmour, Himalayas.

A villager gives thanks for something he just received from a random stranger. Bharmour, Himalayas.

I know there are lots of pages out there like this one, but we can never get enough of the feel-good stuff, can we? So this page is for people to contribute to about random acts of kindness or pass it forward situations that they have had happen to them or have witnessed. I want to see how big it gets.

I’ll start it off with an experience of mine. Many years ago when I was a teen, my boyfriend and I were hitch hiking to the South Island of New Zealand, a place unfamiliar to us and a long way from home. It was a Friday night and the hitching had taken a lot longer than we thought it would. There weren’t any ATM’s in those days, and although we had money in our banks we were unable to access it until the following Monday. A guy that gave us a lift must have had bat ears, because we were whispering as quietly as we could about it in the back seat, wondering how we were going to eat over the weekend. When he pulled over to drop us off he said he had overheard us and he gave us $20, which was a lot of money in those days. He gave us his post box number and said we could send it back to him when we could afford it, but he’d rather we helped someone else out when we were next presented with the opportunity.

This was my first experience with the ‘Pass it Forward’ principle, and I have never forgotten that man and his kindness. I have had several opportunities since to practice this principle, and each time, that man has come to mind.

Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below. God knows we could all do with some happy stuff to read, right? πŸ˜€

Here are a few links to get you inspired –


– A musician that was homeless for 17 years, until someone gave him a hand

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– New Zealand has it’s very own RAK day!! πŸ˜€ Have a wee wander around their site

– The RAK New Zealand Facebook page

– 16 examples of inspiring RAKs

– The Oprah page of RAKs

– What Sam Simon, producer of The Simpsons is doing for horses, during the last few months of his own life

– And what Sam Simon does for other animals HERE

5 thoughts on “The Random Acts of Kindness and Pass it Forward Page

  1. I`ve done the dog rescue thing once … poor little feller was dodging traffic in the middle of a bridge, drivers just leaning on their car horns and not bothering to stop, so I stopped near the beleagred traffic disrupter, opened up the back door and whistled once, and the poor wee dog jumped right on in.


  2. In my travels I ended up at King Richard’s Renaissance Fair north of Chicago. There were 160 actors and musicians rehearsing for the upcoming season. My friend Bodge Burinski (now an angel) was the Queen for many years and like most actors was living hand to mouth. As i was leaving the country and had $10 left in my wallet i gave it to Bodge who said she’d return it one day. I just asked her to pass it on if she had the extra ten in her purse. A year later i returned and she stuffed the ten in my hand. No, No i said it’s for another. Bodge said “No this one has come back to you”, in the past year the extra ten dollars had passed through 8 of the actors when they were in need and had come back to her…..


    • Thanks for contributing Gerar. πŸ™‚

      Lol, so cool! I remember watching an episode on Oprah about the ‘pay it forward principle’ when they set up a camera on a busy bridge and paid for the first two people that crossed. Around 98 percent of the people that crossed the bridge that day wanted to pay for the next person. It demonstrated that when something nice is done for you, you want to pass that on – it’s our inherent nature. That was the day I decided I liked Oprah. She could have put anything on her show, and she chose to do it about principles and feel-good stuff.

      I also remember learning an important lesson from you Gerar. The ‘don’t take away my joy in giving’ one. You taught me that to refuse a gift out of embarrassment was to take away the joy the other person gained out of giving it. I’ve never forgotten it and I’ve passed it on several times over. Thank you for that – it’s done the rounds too. πŸ˜€


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