Bicycle Madness

Does my mohawk look big in this...?

Does my mohawk look big in this…?

Back in our lil’ home town in New Zealand, we decided to go for a bike ride to the supermarket. ‘Tis a lovely day on a long holiday weekend, and many tourists were out and about. It was amazing how many smiles we got.

Outside the supermarket, a friend did a double-take. ‘I thought you were still in Thailand’, she said. ‘I saw this person with a mohawk on her helmet and thought to myself “Rave would wear something like that”, and then I realised it WAS you!’

Lol. It would appear that my insanity lingers, even though I’m theoretically not here…

Here’s a link to a cool page about bicycle appreciation – BICYCLE LOVE

Serious about bike riding.

Serious about bike riding.

I Want to Ride my Bicycle…

We survived the visa run to Myanmar and now we want to hire bicycles and ride around Old Chiang Mai. Many mysterious lanes abound. Looks like rain though, so we might walk instead and do a bit of a recon. It has nothing to do with sleeping in a tad and wasting half the morning already. Nor is grinding to a halt over coffee and banana pancakes relevant…