Sydney Hostage Crisis, Peshawar School Attack, Etc: Isn’t it Time We All Led by Example?

Photo from www:// Peshawar school attack leaves 141 dead

Photo from www:// Peshawar school attack leaves 141 dead

This is absolutely appalling! To those of you out there that think all Muslims are to blame forĀ  the Sydney Hostage Situation, and other happenings, please stop and make an effort to become more informed. There are many ordinary, everyday people who happen to be Muslim, suffering in horrible ways because of a minority that are radicals. Just think – if a few insane people committed heinous crimes against others, then declared that they were doing it on behalf of Christianity, how would you feel? And if other people chose to think that all people from Christian-based cultures must be the same as these few insane ones, imagine how scary that would be. This is what many innocent Muslims feel like right now.

It’s time we stopped having a mob mentality and started seeing that we’re all individuals, not responsible for what others choose to do. Maybe then, there would be a lot more love and understanding in this world, and a lot less hate.

Pakistan Taliban: Peshawar school attack leaves 141 dead

As a footnote, I was really impressed by the Australians that took up the #illridewithyou principle and ran with it. You guys not only felt empathy for your fellow human beings, but you reached out and did something real with it. You stood by others, were protective of them and showed solidarity. You guys rock, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being willing to stand alongside people that were potentially vulnerable and showing them and other people around you some good old-fashioned human decency. Bless your beautiful hearts. xxx

Unimaginable grief as children are carried away in coffins.

Unimaginable grief as children are carried away in coffins. Photo from www://



India 2008 # 12: Uncle Chips and Penguin Spit

Before dawn I was woken by the sound of what seemed like the Tibetan version of
the bagpipes coming from the temple. Of course, that started off the dog packs
who accompanied this strident sound with what they thought was rather a nice
rendition of the Barking Symphony Number 3 in C Minor. Even that may have been almost tolerable had it not been for the monkey packs singing their Screech
Symphony Number 8 in D Sharp. As any musician will tell you, these particular
notes go not together. Finally, thank goodness, the Tibetan bagpipes stopped
– ‘insert sigh of relief’. Alas, too soon. Horns started up, replacing
the bagpipes, with an accompaniment of drums keeping beat as loudly as
possible. Okay, at least the horns weren’t being played at as high a pitch as
the bagpipe thingys. But I didn’t reckon with the pending cymbols about to be played at a definate clash of tempo with the drums. Conches then competed this cocophony of sound. Continue reading