Another Very Inspiring Being on this Earth…

Have a look at this video of another dog that just wouldn’t give up!

Here’s the link

I'm the King of the Castle and I don't care WHAT the other dogs say!

I’m the King of the Castle and I don’t care WHAT the other dogs say!

Camera Rambles: Elephant Nature Park – Dog Portraits

???????????????????????????????Some photos of some of the beautiful dog critters at Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai. After volunteering with the elephants for a week, we volunteered for another week at the dog shelter. Here are some of the new friends we made: Continue reading

India 2008 # 11: More Monasteries, Spoilt Fish and the Near Death of Tinkerbell

Yesterday we wandered into the monastery down the road. We were able to go inside for their puja (kind of like a prayer service, I guess). The monks sat cross-legged in a row talking really quickly for ages (reading from books) while one of them beat on a drum at the same time. Pretty awesome multi-tasking! After a while, two of the monks blew on long horns, which fold into themselves telescopically. At the end of the puja, the same two blew on conch shells. Tibetan books are long and narrow and I don’t think the pages are stuck together like our ones. When they were finished with them, they wrapped them up in saffron coloured material. The temple was full of the most exquisite decorations I have ever seen in my life. Pictures of animals and various beings are painted on the walls and the ceilings. The fan even hung under a mandala! Now I’ve washed a few ceilings in my life and I know how uncomfortable it is just to do that. Actually painting the complex pictures they put up there just beggars belief! The doors have huge round gold handles on them with long tassles hanging off and even the foyer outside is painted with mythical beings, etc. Now I’ve never seen a stunned mullet in my life before but I betcha I was giving a pretty good impression of one! Continue reading