Unexpected Visitors and the Non-Electric Char-Grilled Toasting Machine. Elephant Nature Park Day Five.

Elephant Bff's bathing together

Elephant Bff’s bathing together

You know that feeling you get when two elephants, that you don’t know personally, walk up and tower over you? Well today was my turn to experience it. I was sitting by myself on a wooden seat overlooking the river, watching a couple of elephants bff’s bathing together. Lolling about they were, schmoozing their heads in and out of the water, rolling their bodies this way and that ecstatically, unfurling their trunks now and then to touch each other in silent solidarity. ‘Twas a long, quiet moment with an almost sepia setting – orange and grey elephants, beige water, sandy river bank and a beach of grey pebbles in the foreground.

I pulled out my camera and took continuous shots of them doing their thing in the water, then heaving themselves up and exiting their bath. They walked towards me, getting closer and closer through my lens, Continue reading

A Favour for Elephants and Other Animal Slaves…

There have been pictures and a video of a baby elephant frolicking in the surf doing the rounds on the net with the title ‘The Happiest Elephant in the World’ on it. Sadly, it is not and never will be a happy elephant. Those pictures and video will be doing untold harm to elephants in the tourism industry, and people need to know the truth so that they can make ethical tourism choices. Please look at this poster page and circulate it so that people know what the real story is. Many thanks.

Poster Page

Front of Postcard free with set of Six - Please Don't Ride the Elephants

Front of Postcard free with set of Six – Please Don’t Ride the Elephants

The Giant Killer Leech and an Expert Pachyderm Cricket Player. Elephant Nature Park – Day 4

Giant leech attack!

Giant leech attack!

There was no power on this morning, for some reason unknown, so when we arose we had to get dressed in the dark. The Elephant Nature Park Law of Wrongful Zips applied – where you open the wrong zip on your many-pocketed bag every time – and it took a while to get the right garment on the right body part. It would have made a lot of sense to open the window to let the light in, but in this case when I say window, I actually mean a piece of wood. There was no glass in the ‘windows’ of our hut, just wooden shutters. And we were pretty reluctant to open those and put on a reverse strip show for all and sundry walking up the driveway. Continue reading

Elephants Here I Come, or Scrat, Vegetarian Banquets and Killer Elephant Pooh. Day 1 at Elephant Nature Park.

Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The view over my coffee cup.

Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The view over my coffee cup.

I’m not one to swan about on deck chairs, sipping cocktails while watching the sunset at a luxurious beach resort. Oh no – I have to go out and punish myself in some strange and unusual manner for being a Westerner whose life is easy compared to many the world over, and who can scrounge up enough spare dollars to jump on a large airplane and fly to foreign climes. Far be it from me to wallow in comfort in pleasant surroundings while locals scurry to and fro with platters of gorgeous food and glasses with wee umbrellas poking out of them. That will not do at all! Far better that I throw myself into yet another deep end, fray my nerves with unfamiliar situations and learn to swim like hell until I’m at the other side of God-knows-what pool I’ve dunked myself into this time. Continue reading