Tattoos, Dodgy Jungle Bridges, Bruce the Beetle and the Rat with no Name

When I turned 50, I was awarded ‘Awesomeness Points’ by my daughter for getting my first tattoo in a bamboo hut, down a dirt track, in the jungle of Chiang Mai, North Thailand, surrounded by elephants. Rather a proud moment really, earning said points. Then, a few days ago and three years on, I repeated that journey, from New Zealand to Bangkok to Chiang Mai to an hour north of Chiang Mai then through the elephant park to see Jodi Thomas, artist and elephant activist extraordinaire in her new bamboo hut down another track, still surrounded by elephants, and requested some further tattooing. As you do.


The rickety bridge. Step carefully on the centre planks…

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Slugs and Dragonflies and Nits – Oh My!

C'mon now, is this not a thing of beauty?

C’mon now, is this not a thing of beauty?

If you want to know more about the critters above and more with a bit of humour thrown in, these videos by The Bug Chicks. I especially like the dragonfly one.

Bugs are cool! Yep, even slugs. Nature’s insect designs are mind-bogglingly clever. And even though I don’t particularly want them around my home, I admit to having a particular respect for the design of cockroaches. Nature’s tanks!

I am, however, quite grateful that bugs aren’t an awful lot bigger than they are. Can you imagine having to run and hide from the 10 foot-long fly coming towards you? Or having to carry a baseball bat to swat mosquitos off at a barbeque?

Have a wander around their site while you’re there. There’s all sorts of interesting stuff on it. Enjoy!!

The Bug Chicks

Nature's tanks. Respect!!

Nature’s tanks. Respect!!