The Otis Files. Otis, I Notice 4

I really want to touch you but you're icky and sticky...

I really want to touch you but you’re icky and sticky…

Otis, I notice

Is quite into bugs

She’ll chase after wetas

And follow the slugs

She’ll poke at their feelers

With tentative paws

And sniff at the slime trails

Crossing the floors

The wetas will poke back

With big spiny legs

And cling to her fur

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The Otis Files. Tribute to an Old Friend – Otis, I Notice 1

And she also has stripes on one leg at the back... Otis, Queen of the house - apparently.

And she also has stripes on one leg at the back… Otis, Queen of the house – apparently.

Otis was a friend that I lived with for 16 years. We moved many times, from the forest to beside the highways and many places in between, and she was always there, somewhere in the background, usually no more than 12 feet away from me. She wasn’t a lap cat, nor a smoochy cat, but we had a very special friendship and I miss her very much. I truly hope I see her again some day. This is the first installment of my 8-part tribute to her. Continue reading

New Zealand – Wizards, Politicians and Birds We’ve Nicked from Other Countries

New Zealand is a unique little country, sitting in an unassuming manner at the very bottom of the world. Or in my opinion, at the top of the world, if other countries would only face reality and turn their atlases up the right way. We’re one of the first countries in the world to see the break of dawn, after all. Our national colour is black, our national flower is a fern and our national bird couldn’t fly if you threw it off a cliff.

I can't fly - please don't throw me off that cliff...

I can’t fly – please don’t throw me off that cliff…

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23thorns – In Answer to Your Questions on Tiny House Living

There’s a great blog on the WordPress site written by a guy called 23thorns, full of witty descriptions on South African wildlife, parenting ups and downs, and all manner of other ravings. I had a nosy at his blog, he popped into mine and read one of my ravings on Tiny House Living, and he wrote a post of his own that posed a few questions about the lifestyle to which I am largely now accustomed.

The answer to why I went (back) into Tiny House Living is in my blog here

My point of view about some of the Pros and Cons of Tiny House Living is here

And the raving that 23thorns read about Tiny House Living is here

And now to his questions. Continue reading