How to ‘Om’ an Elephant and the Boy with the Elephant Tail. Elephant Nature Park – Day 6

Chet featuring a fetching little work outfit.

Chet featuring a fetching little work outfit.

The chore du jour was peeling the husks off sacks and sacks of corn in the elephant kitchen. The silk from the corn must be removed so it doesn’t disturb the elephants’ digestive systems. For this, Chet wore a lovely little number featuring a net singlet, black shorts, black silver-tipped collar and a beautiful bling ring to suit. Gumboots completed this gorgeous ensemble, and his presence lit up the kitchen in the most glorious, if eclectic, way. More word games helped keep the boredom away while furthering our literary abilities, and we emerged a couple of hours or so later just slightly more educated than when we went in. Continue reading


New Pics Uploaded… Thailand 2009

Cute but deadly...

Cute but deadly…

Greetings all.

I’ve just spent the day updating Raveburbleblog somewhat. I have added photos to the Thailand 2009 series. There are still many, many previous posts from my India travels to add photos to, and that’s going to take a while, so please bear with me.

Thanks to all my followers for your support and comments.

Have a great day – I insist!

Travel Souvenirs of the Strange Variety – or – My Name is Raveburbleblog and I am a Relicaholic.

R-Expo and their delicious natural goods. Delhi, India.

R-Expo and their delicious natural goods. Delhi, India.

In 2005 when I was leaving India to return home, I’m pretty sure that technically I was kicked out of the country. It was my debut overseas trip and also the first time I could afford to buy whatever the hell I liked, within reason – we’re not talking a Maserati or a luxury yacht here, and I have no inclination to have my own exotic python zoo either. I’m talking about getting a few clothes tailor-made, treating myself to a nice piece of turquoise and silver jewellery, buying odd, dusty brass items from that hole in the wall shop five alleyways past the cyber cafe with the public urinal outside it, or going to R-Expo and indulging in my ecologically created, natural ingredient incense, soaps, shampoos and perfumes  enough to last for an entire year. Continue reading

Elephants Here I Come, or Scrat, Vegetarian Banquets and Killer Elephant Pooh. Day 1 at Elephant Nature Park.

Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The view over my coffee cup.

Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The view over my coffee cup.

I’m not one to swan about on deck chairs, sipping cocktails while watching the sunset at a luxurious beach resort. Oh no – I have to go out and punish myself in some strange and unusual manner for being a Westerner whose life is easy compared to many the world over, and who can scrounge up enough spare dollars to jump on a large airplane and fly to foreign climes. Far be it from me to wallow in comfort in pleasant surroundings while locals scurry to and fro with platters of gorgeous food and glasses with wee umbrellas poking out of them. That will not do at all! Far better that I throw myself into yet another deep end, fray my nerves with unfamiliar situations and learn to swim like hell until I’m at the other side of God-knows-what pool I’ve dunked myself into this time. Continue reading