Slugs and Dragonflies and Nits – Oh My!

C'mon now, is this not a thing of beauty?

C’mon now, is this not a thing of beauty?

If you want to know more about the critters above and more with a bit of humour thrown in, these videos by The Bug Chicks. I especially like the dragonfly one.

Bugs are cool! Yep, even slugs. Nature’s insect designs are mind-bogglingly clever. And even though I don’t particularly want them around my home, I admit to having a particular respect for the design of cockroaches. Nature’s tanks!

I am, however, quite grateful that bugs aren’t an awful lot bigger than they are. Can you imagine having to run and hide from the 10 foot-long fly coming towards you? Or having to carry a baseball bat to swat mosquitos off at a barbeque?

Have a wander around their site while you’re there. There’s all sorts of interesting stuff on it. Enjoy!!

The Bug Chicks

Nature's tanks. Respect!!

Nature’s tanks. Respect!!