The Things You Do When You Don’t Have a TV…

Some say I’m a little hard on my friends, but I honestly wouldn’t do anything to them I wouldn’t first do to myself.

This is my friend Carol. It's been a while since I cut her face, but she's healing up nicely now.

This is my friend Carol. It’s been a while since I cut her face, but she’s healing up nicely now.

She's still talking to me.

She’s still talking to me.

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Fifty Years On – Blue-Bagged Hepticons and a Steampunk Soiree

One's Steampunk regalia - and nerf gun.

I went through the process of turning 50 the other day. Honestly, it didn’t hurt a bit. Except when I whacked myself with my glow-in-the-dark poi (Balls on strings that you whirl about in patterns – theoretically in a graceful manner.) But that happened because I was practicing growing old disgracefully. And playing. Oh, and attending my own 50th Birth Anniversary Steampunk Soiree. Continue reading

The Otis Files. Otis – The Final Tail. Or Not…

Otis finally left us at the age of 16. Apparently in her last two weeks she would go and visit some people around the corner who had two huge dogs and several cats. They told us that she would walk up to the animals’ bowls and help herself to their food, then lie down in the garden, and their dogs and cats would all lie down around her. On the last day they found her in her final sleep, in the same situation.

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The Otis Files. Otis, I Notice 4

I really want to touch you but you're icky and sticky...

I really want to touch you but you’re icky and sticky…

Otis, I notice

Is quite into bugs

She’ll chase after wetas

And follow the slugs

She’ll poke at their feelers

With tentative paws

And sniff at the slime trails

Crossing the floors

The wetas will poke back

With big spiny legs

And cling to her fur

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