The Otis Files. Otis – The Final Tail. Or Not…

Otis finally left us at the age of 16. Apparently in her last two weeks she would go and visit some people around the corner who had two huge dogs and several cats. They told us that she would walk up to the animals’ bowls and help herself to their food, then lie down in the garden, and their dogs and cats would all lie down around her. On the last day they found her in her final sleep, in the same situation.

In some of the later photos here, her physical deterioration is evident, but she was still really big on the inside…

Otis, I noticed,

Had beautiful eyes

OtisBeautifulEyes 72She started out smart

And she got very wise

OtisWise 72She loved being a cat

And was always alert

OtisAlwaysAlert 72What went on in the garden –

She had all the dirt

OtisGarden 72She wanted to know

Everything that went down

OtisStudy 72She studied quite hard

But could still be a clown

OtisClown 72Though Otis, I noticed,

Had dignity too

OtisDignity 72And had enough buddies

To make up a zoo

OtisBuddies 72I’m glad to have known her

She was a great friend

OtisGreatFriend 72We loved her and felt

She loved us ’till the end

OtisLovedUs 72We made her a monument

Out by the tree

OtisMonument 72Where Otis, I’d noticed,

Would sit and just be

OtisSitAndJustBe 72I miss her, but feel

That this isn’t the end

OtisIsntTheEnd 72And I think in the next round

We’ll meet up again.

OtisMeetUpAgain 72Namaste, little one. xxx

2 thoughts on “The Otis Files. Otis – The Final Tail. Or Not…

  1. oh debs, sob and teary eye. lovely lovely tribute to a great friend. I remember Kali with similar affection. Blessed be the furry folk who share our lives. May we meet again indeed. xxxx


    • Thank ye luvly. Yeah, I got a bit of a tear in my eye too as I posted it. I remember the beautiful Kali also. She was a purty lil’ thing. Aren’t we lucky to have had such friends? I hope they visit each other from time to time…


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