Covid Quarantine Kiwi Day 10

What day is it?
Yep, you know it. Another sunny day, another round with the paint brush.
Whiteboard Day 10
This Hawaiian shirt is never going to be the same.
Deb tapeface
The final touch. I learned a while ago to cut around the edge of the tape before pulling it off. What happens is the tape and the paint have relationships and get married while you’re not looking, then when you pull the tape off, all hell can break loose and your paint AND tape come off together. I ain’t falling for that one again.
Cut tape
Finally! Brown doors. With a wee bit of tweaking required, but it’ll do for today.
Brown doors 2
I was so relieved to finally finish that job!
Brown doors 1
And then I turned around and saw this. Oh good grief! It never ends!!!
More door to paint
This got painted too. My wee hobbit seat. The name of of this shade of paint is Jealous. Are you?
Painted hobbit seat
Touched up the swingseat too. It sort of resembles a piano that fell into a candy factory conveyor belt.
Touched up swingseat
Yep, another round of scrubbing. Your handy hint for today: use a pumice stone. With soap. Otherwise all your skin will come off and your blood will fall out. You’re welcome.
Painted hand
Meanwhile, Smudge Friday is out munting the rubber mats. She thinks they were created to sharpen her talons on. Not a single one of them has escaped this vicious and unprovoked punishment.
Smudge munting mats
Yeah, butter wouldn’t melt.
Smudge green eyes
What am I supposed to do when faced with this? She’s the only cat I’ve ever known that asks for a tummy rub and doesn’t turn into a deadly hand-shredding machine after 1.25 minutes.
Smudge on deck
I had a wander around to experience doing nothing useful for a little while, and found the brick forms I’ve been stashing in one of the sheds.
1 brick form
I reckon they’ll make great shelves. And if Armageddon comes, I can make my own hobbit house.
2 brick forms
I counted up the jellyfish I made recently, which are waiting for the verandah roof to go on before they can be hung in all their glory.
Jellyfish 2
There are actually 9, but one needs fixing and is a bit embarrassed.
Jellyfish 1
Oh look – a random self-planted flower being all purdy and, um, quarantined?
Random flower
What day is it? It’s Ciderday!!!!! Time for a bit of this…
And a bit of this.
Uke and banjolele
Oh hello beautiful. Or, Kia ora Marama. It’s going to be another beautiful night. It’s the perfect view for the end of a busy day. Cheers y’all.
Moonrise with bamboo

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