7 thoughts on “Making My Tiny House Look Gargantuan!!

  1. how do peeps fit everything in like shower/toilet, bed, kitchen sink, cooker. Gotta be obsessively tidy. claustrophobic myself, once thought of living on a narrow boat but changed my mind, didn’t fancy living in a narrow corridor.


    • Well, if you look at the pics, they seem to have fitted everything needed for basic living in there. OCD tidy required for sure. I know what you mean about the narrow – my Tiny House experiences have both been at 8ft wide. I spent time on a yacht once – not for me I’m afraid. At least in my Tiny House I can actually get off and go for a walk without a scuba set!

      I think for some very small is claustrophobic, and for others it feels like cosy nesting.


      • Rave do people actually choose to live in a Tiny House or forced to because of circumstances? Certainly there are advantages, you can clean the whole house in a jiffy, cheap to heat and no space for clutter and mess. Great excuse not to have the family to stay or in laws or have to cook Christmas dinner.


      • Most the people I’ve met that are into it have chosen it, for one reason or another. My own reasons are outlined in this post
        Something that stands out to me is that the majority of those who have made the move or ‘joined the movement’, that I’ve talked to, heard about or read about, say that they are really happy that they did so.

        It can be a legitimate reason (cough) to not have family stay, but I do beg to differ with you about there being no space for clutter and mess. There’s ALWAYS room for clutter and mess… 🙂


      • Yes but rave it is restricted to the tiny space and doesn’t take on a life of its own. Ever not ice however big your handbag it always fills up? Now I’ve wised up and only carry a childsize rucksack; curbs impulse buying putting over persuasive shop assistants out of a job.
        Have a good one Gorgeous


      • So you’ve never had to climb over the back of a chair to jump to the sofa then onto your bed to begin bulldozing the stuff you’ve left lying around when in a hurry? You haven’t lived!!

        Cunning plan with the handbag thing, by the way. 🙂


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