Death by Balloon

Balloons - not so cute once they've landed.

Balloons – not so cute once they’ve landed.

I feel very strongly about this matter, so I decided to put a post up about it.  When you buy balloons and let go of them, they float off into the sky and look ever so pretty. But eventually they will pop or deflate and land somewhere out of your sight. Then it’s very possible that an animal or bird will come along and try to eat it, or get tangled up in it. And your lovely little momentary thrill will torture this animal or bird to death.

Please use your awareness a little more and refuse to buy balloons. And pass this around, because it’s something people just don’t think about. And it’s time more people did. Thank you, on behalf of the animals of the world.

Read more about balloons and sky lanterns (formerly known as Chinese lanterns) here

Your thoughts?

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