Thailand and Cambodia 2013. Or, Travel Anxiety – Am I Normal?!

One more sleep then we’re off to Thailand. I’ve found I’ve been somewhat anxious over the last week or two. This is what I’ve been doing:

  • Packed my suitcase, repacked it 15 times minimum – and that was only in my sleep.
  • Checked my passport and ticket. Checked again in case they have disappeared since last time I looked.
  • Checked that Malaysian Airlines still exists and hasn’t gone bust and sold off all their airplanes while I wasn’t looking.
  • Checked that I have the day right for our flights and don’t turn up at the airport to hear ‘I’m sorry Madam, your plane left yesterday’.
  • Sent copies of my itinerary, travel insurance, passport and other documents to multiple members of my family in case of attacks by rampant snakes or being sat upon by a absent-minded pachyderm.

  • Repacked my suitcase, in reality. Then, several more times.
  • Prepaid all my bills before leaving the country. Panicked in case I’d forgotten a very crucial one and might not be allowed back in the country again without doing time behind bars.
  • Checked my passport and ticket are still where I put them.
  • Researched and purchased the ultimate ‘handbag’ for shopping in bustling Asian markets. (Read: buy a military-grade one from tactical equipment department on Trade Me.)
  • Packed every torch I could find to cater for 2 weeks in the jungle. They have dark pathways and it rains snakes there, you know.
  • Bought extra SDHC cards for camera to cater for 2 weeks out in the jungle. Then bought some more.
  • Spent a fortune on rechargeable batteries for camera to cater for 2 weeks in the jungle. Surprisingly, bought some more.
  • Spent another fortune on insect repellent to cater for…..jungle. They have leeches there, you know.
  • Loaded my Kindle with maps of everywhere possible we could go in SE Asia, in case they’ve never heard of maps there. Yeah, I know.
  • Checked what time the Metro closes in Bangkok. Found out we arrive just in time for its closing.
  • Discovered our hotel in Bangkok doesn’t do airport transfers. Researched taxi fares at midnight in Bangkok.
  • Etc.
  • I succumbed to alcohol therapy last night to cater for my anxiety problems. This will be my 7th time to Asia, where I’ve survived being stuck on live train tracks on a tuktuk, and riding up and down one of the ‘World’s Deadliest Roads‘ on local mountain buses, risked being struck by lightning and mickey mouse Indian electricity in the monsoon season, been stuck in a train cubicle full of staunch Muslims for hours just after one of those Mumbai bomb attacks, narrowly missed landslides and several other bomb attacks, dined with a murderous Indian Mafia leader, had a snake fall out the power lines right next to me, narrowly missed death by the hands of a 14-year-old taxi driver in Delhi traffic, came close to getting mugged by monkeys in Rajasthan and assorted other mishaps and moments of mayhem.

    I honestly don’t know what I’m worried about. I’m sure everything will be fine. Does anyone else stress out like this before travelling? Am I normal?

    Anyway, this time next week we’ll be safely tucked away at Elephant Nature Park.

    Out in the jungle.

    Look out snakes, leeches and other creepy crawlies. I have torches, you know. And I’m not afraid to use them…

    Snake at Chiang Mai Zoo. Creepy...

    Snake at Chiang Mai Zoo. Creepy…

    Your thoughts?

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