Two Dentists in One Day and the Unusable Swimming Pool

I'm cool and refreshing and you can't use me. Na na na na nah!

I’m cool and refreshing and you can’t use me. Na na na na nah!

I went to two different murder houses, erm, dentists today. Both lots had a go at me and then at my wallet. Still, my wallet actually survived (as did I, obviously), which it never would have done back in my mother country.

We rode a tuktuk to the second one. The tuktuk driver was a dear old man that politely offers his services every day that we walk by, and I had vowed to myself that I would employ him when we did indeed want a tuktuk ride. Today was his day. First we had to hunt him down – he was tucked up in a bar somewhere. Then it took a bit to start his reluctant, creaky old vehicle. He got it going finally, and I have to confess to breathing in quickly from time to time as he tried merging into oncoming traffic, as I wasn’t sure about his abilities to see, hear or comprehend much. Then he managed to get us just a wee bit lost. I started to get the giggles, which I tried to hide out of politeness – you know, like when you really need to laugh during a church service and stifling it just makes it funnier. We were becoming late for my appointment, which really wasn’t funny at all, so gawd knows what came over me.  Finally, another lovely fellow told the driver to follow him and we found our way. Bless both of ’em.

An hour or so at that dentist, then we couldn’t find another tuktuk for love nor money, had no idea where we were and it was now dark. We finally got to the night bazaar where I ate noodles very carefully in case they spilled back out of the numb side of my mouth without me noticing. Thank God I wasn’t desperate for a coffee…

We are now back at our guesthouse which has a lovely swimming pool that we can’t use because they close it at 8pm, for some reason that only they and God know. We’re listening to rain on the tin roof while the pool sits smugly beside us looking gorgeous and oh so inviting, and it’s just the perfect temperature for a night swim in the rain. Arggghhhhhhh!!!!

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