Scorpions – We Luvs Them!!

Today we went to the Siam Insect Zoo to play with scorpions and peruse terantulas. Lovely beasties!

Tomorrow we’re popping over to Myanmar (Burma) for a few minutes (as you do) to do a visa run. We need to extend our visas for Thailand and have decided not to go to Cambodia, which would been the alternative method, so we will do a mad dash up to the Golden Triangle instead. We will technically step over into Myanmar, wander about for 30 minutes and reenter Thailand with a 15 day extension stamped in our passports. What can go wrong, right?

So durned cute and cuddly.

So durned cute and cuddly.

Isn't it gorgeous?!

Isn’t it gorgeous?!

You see these kept as pets on pieces of sugar cane. They live for several years, I'm led to believe.

Your thoughts?

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