Experimenting can Lead to Excessive Caffeine Consumption – The Gallery Experiment

I can pay you...

I can pay you…

I’m trying something new on here – galleries. I’ve created both a Gallery page up the top, and a Gallery widget at the side. It would seem that the galleries on the Gallery page can’t be named, and the gallery in the widget on the side can’t show just a few pics that lead to the full gallery when clicked on.

This is not what I want and it has led to excessive caffeine consumption.

I will continue to attempt gaining more control over either or both of these situations. In the meantime, if you are a WordPress geek and know of secret squirrel controls and buttons I can push so that this site will read my mind and do what I damned well want it to do, please send me a message.

I can pay you. With caffeine. I can provide:

Moccona (Heeft meer mmmmm)

Vanilla Moccona (Heft meer MMMMM)

Fairly strong organic ground coffee

Dangerously strong Northern Thailand coffee beans – 0r

Stroppily strong Vietnamese ground coffee

I will make it for you. I will send it to you. I will Set Up a Dripstand for you. Whatever it takes!!!!!

In the meantime, feedback is welcome from you viewers. What do you prefer to look at – the Gallery page that shows no titles or a mighty great photo widget at the side, which means I can only show one at a time?

While I’m waiting, I’ll go put the kettle on. Blinking is overrated anyway…

Blinking? Nah, not for me!

Blinking? Nah, not for me!


2 thoughts on “Experimenting can Lead to Excessive Caffeine Consumption – The Gallery Experiment

  1. Personally I love the sepia and I hope you have more of it. I also like the other too. Is this helpful? You’re welcome. 😀


    • Yeah, nah. *grin* I like it too, but it takes up rather a lot of space. If I could put separate little links there instead to take you to galleries on another page, that would be fantastic. I definately need a guru. A coffee-loving guru. A caffeine fanatic, no less…


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