Good Dentist in Chiang Mai and a Good Guesthouse with Cafe Also

I researched dentists in Chiang Mai a lot before I settled on one. There are a lot of opinions out there, as well as dentist and clinic names, and it can get very confusing – even more so if you’re a blonde like me.

This one didn’t have a lot of reviews from falang (foreigners) online, but what I did read was favourable. Also, the locals recommended him and to top things off nicely, he is just around the corner from where we are staying (Top North Guesthouse). His clinic’s name is Pongsakorn and he’s on the corner of Moonmuang Road and Soi 2. I’ve had a lot of work done by him in the last few days and I’ve found him to be a good dentist, an honest man and he charges very fair prices for his work. And, especially wonderful for one who has had a mortal fear of dentists all her life, I actually had several fillings done without anaesthetic and it was painless. For me, this is a veritable miracle! I just had a crown replaced by him and it is much better than the original one I had done in New Zealand. He sent me to have a root canal done by an associate, and she was wonderful too. Quiet, painless and very delicate on the mouth. Her clinic is Smile 2 U. I’m not sure of her address but she is across the Mae Ping river. Google should bring up her address.

Also, I want to give our guesthouse a great review. Top North is a large place on Moonmuang Soi 2, Chiang Mai. The staff are super friendly and there is a large variety of rooms (90) to suit different budgets. There’s a swimming pool here that is open from 8am to 8pm which adds a nice ‘resorty’ feel to your stay with its clear blue water and waterfall feature at one end. Charlie, the owner, was really helpful when a friend of ours had a spot of bother elsewhere in Chiang Mai, and the girls at the front desk have been great at assisting us for any requirements or questions we have. The location is excellent too – a short walk to Moonmuang Road and to the Saturday and Sunday walking markets. There’s another Top North around on Moonmuang Road if you have a really large family and need heaps of rooms. Additionally, there is a cafe in the grounds of Top North called the Cat House. We spend part of every day here, having coffee or just chilling and using the WiFi. Jackie, who runs it, is a great cook and super bubbly and smiley. Being around her enhances our stay in Chiang Mai every single day. I want to wrap her up and take her home, but I’m not sure I have enough luggage space left, darn it. So there we go, a good review of two dentists, a guesthouse and a cafe in Chiang Mai for 2013 for anyone researching these matters for their travels. Hope this helps someone somewhere along the way. Tally ho all. 🙂

Your thoughts?

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